Before Donald Campbell A.K.A. ( Arch Bishop Don -Magic Juan) became the famous player that he is today. He didn't necessarily know what he wanted to do with his life, but whatever he would do, it would have to be big...really big.

Donald elevated through life armed with only the gifts he was born with. A flare for standing out from the crowd and being seen was one talent. Having incredible charm and social skills along with charisma for attracting females were just 3 more to name a few. I picked these traits because as the writer of this article on his life, I realized they provided the fuel for his success in and finally, out of the life of Pimping.

Donald's parents split up when he was very young. His father was so over-bearing on his mother that she couldn't take it anymore and began to pack her [and Donald's] things. But his father wouldn't allow his mother to take him with her. For the sake of her sanity, she had to leave without him. She asked her oldest daughter to look after Donald for her.

Donald's father owned a restaurant in the heart of 'Skid Row' on west Madison Street, right across from Chicago's stadium. It was a 24 hour drawing card for the city's night people. Hustlers, Pimps, and Prostitutes, Con Artists Gamblers, and Gangsters made up the menagerie of characters that Donald's father exposed him to in the restaurant. He started bringing Donald there soon after his mother left town.

Donald learned to count money before he could read. He had to, if he short changed a customer, his father would 'wup him'. In the nine years he was in Donald's life, his father's love of money and the people who surrounded him, made a lasting impression on Donald.

Donald started growing up real quick. One time, when he was nine years old, his sister caught him with two 12 year old girls, in the hallway of the apartment building they lived in. They were kissing and grinding on each other up against the wall.

She yelled out "Donald Campbell, what the HELL do you think you're doing with them girls?!" He jumped back with his head cocked to one side and said, "I ain't doin' nothin' to these girls. They said they could make me feel good. They lied. I made them feel better than they made me feel."

She couldn't believe her ears. She grabbed him by the collar and pulled him up the stairs while yelling at the two little girls. "Never come around here again!"

His sister later questioned him about where he learned to behave like that. He shrugged his shoulders and said,

"Oh Ann, it ain't no big deal. We do it all the time on the roll away bed in the back of the restaurant."

Donald became a little hustler and there was nothing nobody could do about it. Soon after the incident with the girls, Donald's father died. It was a real shock to Donald because his father kept him in the money, even at the age of nine. Donald's mother did return to the West side several years before his father's death, but he still lived with him. He didn't get along with his mother at first, because she couldn't provide him with the money his father gave him. Now that he no longer had his father to keep him in the money, Donald started getting it from the girls when he was in elementary school. He would smile and the girls would give him anything they had. Money, lunch, anything. Because of his smile, they started calling him 'Smiley' in the lowest elementary grades. By the time he reached high school, he had set the mold in place for his personality.

Physical labor to Donald was like Kryptonite to Superman. Anything Donald wanted, he got from somebody else. He believed he was supposed to have everything his way. This was the monster his daddy had created, and there was nothing anybody could do about it.

Donald's escapades with women got him in and out of all kinds of shit. One time he was banging two sisters named Slimy and Kay. One of the sisters contracted hepititis and gave it to Donald. The disease put him in the hospital for awhile.

Life as a married man was not working out for Donald, because he had pimping in his blood. He felt that his wife was a pest because she was constantly nagging him about staying out all night with the rest of the 'Hos', so he decided to call it quits. .

Donald told Louise that he had to go. He said he had to be free to do something 'Big', so with one driving force in his life, a love of money, he left his wife and children for life in the fast lane.

Don immediately stepped up his knowledge in the game by reading every Pimp book he could find written by guys like Iceberg Slim, Stone Wall Jackson and Donald Goines. He memorized them and in no time flat Donald had two whores willing to get him his cheese. Their names were Gwen and Pumpkin. He worked them in and out of Whorehouses and up and down Chicago's streets. .

Donald didn't just have whores getting him his money. He had some of the best female thieves and hustlers working for him. One who was very special to him, named Angel. was a Stone Fox. She would sport Diamonds like a glass of champagne would sport bubbles.

Their relationship started off a little rocky, but Donald's charms smoothed out the edges: he had swept Angel off her feet and himself into her bankroll. She loved him so much, she bought him a new Caddy and he had it painted green and gold, because he said " Green is for the Money and Gold is for the Honey!"

From then on, everything material around Donald was green and gold. No exceptions. He dyed everything on his body gold, EVERYTHING!!! .

He couldn't rob, fight, or kill, but he knew he could be the best damn Pimp in the country. He changed his name to Don Juan when a Pimp friend of his named 'President' told him to, because the ladies were so crazy about him. .

His stable grew like grass and to add to his popularity, he began throwing Pimp Balls. The parties were the launching pad for Don Juan's Pimp Empire. However, the day came when he no longer made the money he felt he should be making from the balls. So while the crowds were still pretty good, Don decided to stop the shows before decrease in attendance was noticeable. His motto: "Don't let failure catch up with you!"

In doing so, allowed him to hold onto his reputation as the best best Pimp and Partygiver in the City. But it was time to branch out.

Onto bigger and better things.

Don Juan opened a record store called 'Music World'. It was stocked with every record on the top forty charts, plus oldies but goodies. But this store had a feature to it that had nothing to do with the music. It had a backroom that Don Juan used for breaking in new women. Any chick that wanted to be down with Don Juan was put to the test in that room. If they passed the test, they would be taken to the home where the other girls lived for a briefing before they hit the streets. The older prostitutes would give the new girls the do's and don'ts of the game. Their most important lesson was how to get the paper for Don and not come home until they did.

Don was becomming nationally known. He dressed his girls in the finest clothes, jewels, and furs and travelled all over the country with them and showed the pimps across the nation that he was tops. He was written up in Players Magazine and in Newspapers from all over the country for Don attended parties and grand openings.

For years, the girls worked suckers across the country while having the opportunity to rub elbows with celebrities and dignitaries. Don recalls when changing his name to 'Magic'. He said 'My life is Magical! It's Magic!' So he decided he needed a name to suit his personality. 'Magic Juan!'

Don's sister recalls, 'I did not understand the two sides of my brother. When it came to kids on the street, the homless and hungry, or anyone in sincere need, Don had a heart of Gold. On the other hand, he was also mean, cruel and slippery as a greased pig. People all over the country were talking about the 'Chicago Pimp'. But the amazing thing was how the young people felt about him. Each summer he would rent buses and take loads of children and their parents, if they had any, to the zoo, and parks for picnics. He would furnish all the food and transportation, then would go through the projects and pick up children for those summer events. In September, for the beginning of school, he would buy truckloads of school supplies and pass them out to the children. A child could ask him for anything and he would get it. I have seen him shelter the homeless and constantly feed the hungry. With all the goodness in his heart, I did not understand how he could turn out young girls to prostitute themselves foe him. They said they came to him - he did not go looking for them. He never deviated from stating that the girls did what they did because they loved him. And if you askes one of them why she would go out in the cold or stifling Chicago heat, fuck, steal, and give blow jobs all night, then bring the money home to Don, she merely said, "I love Daddy, that's why." He had total control over them. He masteres them and they loved him for it. In him, I saw the good, bad, evil, and sweet.

Life Changes for a Magic Man

My testimony - Arch Bishop Don Magic Juan:

Many people from coast to coast know me as "Magic Juan". I had experienced a lot of things in my life, but never the power of the Almighty God. As a matter of fact, I never believed there was a God!

My friend and I were in my apartment in California. We rolled a PCP (hallucinogen) mixed with weed (marijuana) joint. My buddy tried taking the joint away, but I refused. After I finished getting high, we were sitting on the couch and all the sudden, it felt like a bolt of thunder had gone through me. I could see a vision of the FBI and police coming through the door.

I jumped, ran into the bedroom and started looking for my jewelry and gun. I wanted to hide them, because I was really frantic. Suddenly, something said 'Throw the PCP away before they come to the door!' I ran to the icebox, got the PCP and told my friend to pour it out in the toilet. I also told him to throw the bottle out of the apartment.

The Lord began to purge me. Tears and mucus began to run heavily down my face. The apartment got dark and a light began shining on me. Then I felt a cool breeze blowing under the window. This was the Power of GOD!

The telephone rang. It was my niece, who was saved. She told me that she was coming over. I was crying so hard and at the same time the Lord was purging me so that I couldn't stand it. I told her that I needed help.

By this time, my friend had turned the lights on. I tried to call my mother, but the line was busy, so I sat on the couch and waited for my niece to come over. She never showed up. I thought that maybe I was too high, but I know the drugs were not that strong. I went to sleep, awakened about 2:30 a.m. and told my friend that I had a feeling something strange was going to happen at 3:00 a.m. The telephone rang. It was a friend calling from Chicago. I rolled myself a joint and got a Champale.

A little later, my friend and I started smoking and drinking again. Something was bending me backwards. My friend started coming towards me, but I told him to get back.

A vision came into my mind that someone was coming to rob us. Again a voice said 'Throw the Marijuana away'. I did, and by now I was frantic all over again.

I knew that it was God convicting me of the drugs and it was time to be saved! I immediately accepted the Lord into my heart. A voice told me to turn on the television. When I turned it on, there was a preacher who said "I see a person who has just been saved." Another voice said Call your mother. I called her and she told me to call a minister named Pastor Shelby. I called him and told him that i had just been saved. He said, "I know it!" Thank you, Jesus! Later I calmed down and finished watching the preacher on television.

I left California and came to Chicago. While on the plane, I was reading the Bible softly to myself. My friend, who was sitting next to me, put paper in his ears so that he couldn't hear me, but somehow the paper popped out.

Again I know that it was God! My friend has not accepted the Lord into his life, but he has witnessed the power of the Almighty God. I ask that you pray for him.

I am glad that Jesus has come into my life. There is so much peace! I have stopped smoking and drinking myself to death! This is the first time in twenty years that I have been sober.

Thank you, Lord, for setting me free!